Sunday, January 4, 2009

War: Israeli oppression and militarism

The sound of bullets puncture and crush the lives of ourselves. We are more than brothers and sisters. We are all the same.

War has again ravaged the lives of the innocent. These false mentalities which we all hold in place. They are not human nature. We have created these concepts and they are manifest throughout history and our present day.

Our parasitic orthodox perceptions are driven by our manipulated understanding of survival. The truth is manifest in history only because we are kept in this perverted abis of darkness. No human can see in the dark. Who may I ask is leading us to accept such tragedy? Should we act with the same level of barbarism? Should we continue to make people suffer for our own indirect feelings of pleasure? Must we continue to be defined by a race which is selfdecaying?

Take personal responsibility for the decisions you make and the following consequences. People must not hide and congregate in spastic groups. Set yourself free from all reality. Do what you want. But others will always be watching even the ones watching will be watched.

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