Saturday, January 24, 2009


It took a burst of excitement to throw me on to my skateboard again,
It gradually built up over time and I finally snapped and assembled my trucks to my board,
I was a free spirit again while tapping into untouched memories of my youth,
I ran and jumped on my board,
Flew down the driveway while pushing hard up the hill,
My brain said "go switch and keep pushing",
Out sheer unconsciousness a switch heelflip of such beauty came into existence,
As it touched my soul both my feet captured the spinning object,
Still floating forever it seemed as I realized again that skateboarding's a dream,
Feelings of indescribable proportion as I grew tired I watched the sunset split the sky,
No remaining question of "who am I".

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Canvassed Life

For the world is a piece of art,
There are many painters,
I too am a painter,
Therefore I will work my brush,
As the way to power,
Is your will to paint.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Night animals

The Owl is a dark ball in the backdrop of night.
No it does not cry.
But it hoots to the Possum who has established his life on a powerline.

The road side

Here it comes for me. The car roaring from the depths of evil. Destined to take my vulnerable limbs. Destined to put me further in a life of misery and beauty. Can I still write? If not, I can continue to dream? If not, I can finally die. Must our dreams continue to paint such beauty so effortlessly? The car just passed me by.


Dear you,

I wish to declare our friendship. So we can share more with each other through joy, honesty, and disagreement. Two friends sharing the experience of what it is to live. Duration of ones life does not simply reflect wisdom but rather there perception of life and self-reality. Wisdom is discovered through self reality and understood by letting go of that reality. Like wisdom, friendship is the deception of connectivity that can be brought about by letting go of all which you had held in such importance. Whether it be status, wealth, and children or for myself hopelessness, self-hypocrisy, and seriousness. For I love you and I hope that who we are and what we will seemingly become should be defined through the true essence of purity. For purity is nothingness. A life can only be lived and never planned nor can it fit into any concept of what is most desirable. You are a bright star, continue to burn until your spirit is overcome and vanishes.

Love me.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Shire Tea House: a night of unfathomable experience and timeless universal communication driven by intuitive understanding of when to move on

Everything fades to black,
I can finally relax,
The thought of letting go,
is so seductive.

Fuck all the self-doubt,
Just fly in spirit,
In the spirit of doing,
Doing what it is that you are meant to do.

Shut up and listen,
Only until you do this,
Will you be able to defeat judgment,
And begin to learn.

So much truth was spoken to me,
Wisdom which has no absolute context,
Wisdom inspired from the experience,
Of freedom from societal oppression.

A love so strong that it convinced me,
That our world is changing,
The spirit of greater consciousness,
The spirit of what is fun.

One must begin to listen to the dead,
Especially those who are termed as being dead from society,
The ones who have been told that they're no good,
These ones are always the best ones.

The space you are in gives ones self the time to grow and accept your experience. Seek this experience, as you will let go and let wisdom endure a lifetime.

The strange way or state of mind that does not let things exist and be observed as how they truly are will suck you under and destroy your consciousness.

The feelings of non existence maybe so, however, the aspects that come in this fairytale can not be ignored as they are powerful and worth believing in.

All things do indeed exist but only within the greater illusion of life. We are merely finding a way within illusion.

This understanding becomes important for our own clarity and place within illusion. Letting go is the most beautiful experience and quite possibly my first true experience ever.

No more nothing
No more holding back
No more dreadful seriousness
No more false fear in illusion
More love and friendship

The Shire Tea House: a night of unfathomable experience and timeless universal communication driven by intuitive understanding of when to move on. As you should always trust your feelings for when it is time to move on. Moving on comes with consequences but living requires a strong sense of self who is able to prevail through this illusion of powerful uncertainty.

Jordan -- or -- Jacob the leader of the ringed ladder which one can hold on to if they desire an outcome created by society.

OR they can simply let go into the abis of self-creation.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

War: Israeli oppression and militarism

The sound of bullets puncture and crush the lives of ourselves. We are more than brothers and sisters. We are all the same.

War has again ravaged the lives of the innocent. These false mentalities which we all hold in place. They are not human nature. We have created these concepts and they are manifest throughout history and our present day.

Our parasitic orthodox perceptions are driven by our manipulated understanding of survival. The truth is manifest in history only because we are kept in this perverted abis of darkness. No human can see in the dark. Who may I ask is leading us to accept such tragedy? Should we act with the same level of barbarism? Should we continue to make people suffer for our own indirect feelings of pleasure? Must we continue to be defined by a race which is selfdecaying?

Take personal responsibility for the decisions you make and the following consequences. People must not hide and congregate in spastic groups. Set yourself free from all reality. Do what you want. But others will always be watching even the ones watching will be watched.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Undiscovered Answers and New Consciousness

People don't fully feel natural to dramatically change.

Isn't it interesting that conservative or 'establishist' theory is a necessary tool used to create the idea of progress. Insignificance is the embodiment of science, rationality, and making sense of the unknown. The unknown can then be used as power. The only concept of freedom is to be free from the unknown. Anarchy. Rules exist in the self. Every self applies different rules to their existence.

When the sun burns and the rivers flow let us then revisit the true nature of ourselves.

This collective being which has been blessed with telepathy long before it could speak is only now making sense of things using language. However so many other tangible and ideological beliefs have yet to be discovered within the communication of telepathy.

Let us discover. Let us venture in new ways of dreaming to uncover understanding which is floating amongst space. Very likely our answers are false. There are never answers for those who belong to the creator. One must dream to initiate the conquest of the cosmos. A rocket or telescope displays only what the eyes can see.

Imagine and dream.