Friday, January 2, 2009

Undiscovered Answers and New Consciousness

People don't fully feel natural to dramatically change.

Isn't it interesting that conservative or 'establishist' theory is a necessary tool used to create the idea of progress. Insignificance is the embodiment of science, rationality, and making sense of the unknown. The unknown can then be used as power. The only concept of freedom is to be free from the unknown. Anarchy. Rules exist in the self. Every self applies different rules to their existence.

When the sun burns and the rivers flow let us then revisit the true nature of ourselves.

This collective being which has been blessed with telepathy long before it could speak is only now making sense of things using language. However so many other tangible and ideological beliefs have yet to be discovered within the communication of telepathy.

Let us discover. Let us venture in new ways of dreaming to uncover understanding which is floating amongst space. Very likely our answers are false. There are never answers for those who belong to the creator. One must dream to initiate the conquest of the cosmos. A rocket or telescope displays only what the eyes can see.

Imagine and dream.

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